Understanding the Sixth Amendment in Brewster, MA

The Right to Trial by Jury Clause:

This Sixth Amendment clause protects you from the persecution of corrupt legal officials who might sentence you unfairly if not for the watchful eye of the public. By requiring a jury to be involved in a trial, the decision of the court is made by a group of your peers instead of by a small number of judges. This helps to make trials fairer and greatly reduces the risk of corruption in the courts.

The Right to Counsel Clause:

This clause guarantees you the constitutional right to an attorney to assist you if you are charged with a crime. This clause has evolved even further to provide you the right of a court-appointed lawyer, paid for at the public’s expense if you cannot afford to hire your own.

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The Right to a Public Trial Clause:

The Public Trial Clause guarantees that when charged with a crime, your trial must be held in a public setting. While some may find this embarrassing, the clause protects you from the results of private and secret trials. When trials are in secret, the judge or prosecution could bring forth false claims and charges and interfere with your right to defend yourself. Early legal systems in European history that imposed secret trials often lead to torture and wrongful executions. That is why the founding fathers made it a constitutional right that “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a public trial.” 

If your Looking for information about the Sixth Amendment, Malicious Prosecution is here to help. This particular amendment underlines clauses that are related to criminal trials. These clauses include: