Bad Jurisprudence

This website is dedicated to the wrongfully convicted.

This website is providing information to the public about ongoing corruption within our judicial system. Proper jurisprudence should have prevented this corruption from occurring in the first place, but bad jurisprudence has lead to a rash of corrupt practices. It is up to everyday Americans to take a stand against corruption in our justice system. If we don't, it isn't a "just" system at all.

Malicious Prosecution:

Malicious prosecution can be very emotional for those who have been wrongly accused of a crime. A legal battle for a crime which you did not commit can cost you:

•     Time                                                                                •      Embarrassment

•      Money in costs and attorney's fees             •      Damage to your reputation

•      Mental anguish                                                        •      Inability to find a job

•      Lost wages

Innocence is not enough to constitute malicious prosecution, intentional wrong doing is required. The key is probable cause, it must be beyond a reasonable doubt you commited the crime. A gut feeling isn't enough, there must be sufficient evidence for a reasonable person to believe  you committed the crime. A strong malicious prosecution case involves even more outright and blatant wrongdoing, such as a police officer or prosecutor who knowingly brings false charges against you.

Prosecuting someone on false charges is malicious prosecution and violates their constitutional rights. Charges should be based on evidence and true facts. A judge being accused of not giving the immigration warning and an inadequate plea colloquy should not hear and rule on his own case. This is a conflict of interest, the judge should recuse himself. For the past 18 years I have been a result of corruption in the American judicial system.