We are looking for true and fair justice for those wrongfully convicted.

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Tampering with Evidence

Tampering with evidence is the crime of altering, destroying, or concealing physical evidence with the intent to affect the outcome of a criminal investigation or court proceeding; this may result in someone being wrongfully convicted.

No court should have access to computer software that gives them the ability to delete damaging unwanted courtroom statements from a judge, district attorney, or assistant district attorney. In a sense, it's like giving a child molester a key to a day care center. 

Malicious Prosecution is administrated by a victim of corruption in the American judicial system, who wishes to promote injustice awareness based on their story. Information provided is supported by documents and facts pertaining to that story.


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Reach out today to learn more about judicial corruption and injustice. Individuals in Brewster, MA and surrounding areas deserve to know their rights. 

Constitutional Rights

In criminal prosecutions, the accused has the right to a speedy and public trial by jury, right to know the nature of the crime and to confront accusers, right to present witnesses on their behalf and the privilege against self-incrimination. If the accused can't afford defense counsel, one will be appointed by the court at no cost. A person who knowingly gives police false information to have someone arrested has committed the tort of malicious prosecution. 


      •      Forgery     

Malicious Prosecution is a nonprofit website exposing the truth about denial of due process in Brewster, MA, and throughout the state of Massachusetts. Under the law, every person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, in today’s system, this no longer holds true.

In our judicial system, you are presumed guilty, and then you have to prove your innocence. This results in liberty and justice for some, but not for all. Every person deserves fair and equal treatment. No person or institution is above the law, and that includes the justice system. Speaking out against corrupt justice and bad jurisprudence is critical today.

The website provides the facts to support the claims with a thorough understanding of the United States Constitution and Massachusetts general laws. If you want to view an extraordinary miscarriage of justice in Massachusetts, explore this site and see for yourself how it fails the common citizen.

Your Sixth Amendment Rights

•      Right to a Speedy Trial                                                       •      Right to a Public Trial

•      Right to a Jury Trial                                                              

•      Right to Confront Accusers                                                                              

•      Right to Present Witnesses 

•      Right to Have Defense Council

This website is dedicated to the wrongfully convicted.

•      Right to Know the Nature of the Crime

Primary Areas of Corruption and Bad Jurisprudence

•      Prosecuting Someone on False Charges                •      Legal Documents Signed Incorrectly

•      Charges Based on Falsified Evidence                       •      Tampering with Evidence

•      Conflict of Interest                                                                                                                                                               

•      Violation of Constitutional Rights                              •      Denial of Due Process